7. March 2019

The Bucket List

At the beginning of our year abroad in Ireland, I wrote down a list of what I would like to experience, learn or accomplish this year, what I want to use my time for and what not. Now after exactly one year in Ireland (WTF ???) it’s time for me to strike a balance, even […]

Meetup in the Forest

A friend recommended the app “Meetup” for getting to know some new people in Ireland. No sooner said than done – and we were already registered for a trip to Lough Key Forest Park together with about 15 other people from Galway and the surrounding area. The 800-hectare park on the south shore of Lough […]


Savage Beauty

Oscar Wilde once described the place, we’re writing about this time, as a “savage beauty”. Once you’ve been there, you know what he’s talking about. We‘re talking about Connemara, a region in the west of County Galway. Connemara has so many faces. This gets visible especially when looking on the footage from various corners of […]