We did it! We tied the knot after more than 11 years of relationship and almost 2 years after our engagement. It was an unforgettable, romantic wedding that combined everything we love – including our love for Ireland. Anyone who knows us also knows: A small pinch of fairy dust here and there was a must!

In the middle of the picturesque landscape of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, surrounded by untouched nature and lush green fields, our personal dream wedding took place from September 15th to 17th, 2023. With the motto “Magic of Love” we celebrated not only our connection, but also the mystical beauty of Ireland (our second home) and Scotland (the place of our engagement) as well as the magical worlds of Harry Potter and Outlander.

Our wedding location was an impressive mansion in the middle of nowhere that was exclusively available to us and our guests for an entire weekend. The majestic architecture and the expansive park-like garden with no direct neighbors provided the perfect backdrop for our intimate wedding with less than 35 loved ones.

From the beginning it was clear that our wedding would not be a traditional German celebration. We wanted to create an atmosphere that captured the magic of the Emerald Isle(s), our fantasy fascination and simply the essence of us. Our love for these worlds infused every aspect of the celebrations.

The decoration was a tribute to the natural beauty of Ireland and the magic of our love. Shades of green dominated, complemented by fairy pastels and warm gold accents meant to commemorate the sun’s rays breaking through the canopy. Celtic symbols and tartan patterns have been incorporated not only into the decoration but also into our clothing & accessories and gave every detail a touch of Irish-Scottish tradition.

A highlight of our wedding was undoubtedly the indescribably beautiful wedding ceremony, which took place outdoors in the garden of the manor house in the best weather. We were lucky enough to be able to combine the civil with a free wedding. This made it possible for an old friend of mine to give the wedding speech and for our marriage witnesses to be involved in the ceremony.

Surrounded by old trees decorated with fabric ribbons and fairy lights blowing in the wind, and in the middle of a mossy stone circle framed with magical flower columns, we exchanged our vows. With the gentle rustling of the leaves and the early autumn sun above us, we enjoyed an incomparable ceremony that was filled with highly emotional surprises (including a fantasy time travel to our engagement on Craigh na Dun in Scotland, a Celtic knot ritual à la Outlander and a fitting elemental blessing) and couldn’t have been more beautiful.
These Irish and Scottish rituals were complemented by classic elements that are always part of a civil German wedding. All in all, the wedding was extremely emotional and perfect to us.
They were „jam jar moments” full of magic that we will cherish forever. Not least because they were captured so wonderfully.

But the magic didn’t end with the ceremony. It infused every detail of this weekend, like the champagne reception including typical wedding traditions in the garden. And like the cutting of our equally magical wedding cake followed by drinking coffee on the property’s terrace.
While the afternoon sun slowly sank behind the trees and our guests were busy with a leprechaun treasure hunt, we were photographed and filmed extensively during the bridal couple shoot.

Many other often unexpected program items were to follow. Among other things, we were surprised with the release of balloons, another leprechaun hunt with a treasure of gold at the end of the rainbow, a wonderful fireworks display that brought tears to our eyes, a photo box, an unexpectedly beautiful speech from the bride’s father and numerous games. The mood-enhancing and nerve-calming whisky tasting during the wedding reception should not go unmentioned.

In addition to the magical wedding ceremony, other special highlights of our wedding were our romantic wedding dance in the midst of our loved ones and the wedding vows, which I recited to Falk in an intimate setting at dusk under the twinkling of fairy lights and the starry sky with just the two of us.

Throughout the weekend, we and our guests were treated to a varied program that included elements from Harry Potter, Outlander, Ireland and Scotland, but also other of our preferences. Both, on the evening before and on the wedding day itself, there was lots of entertainment, little gifts and fun for young & old.

Our empathetic wedding stylist took care of our visual well-being. With her magical touch, she brought our inner radiance to shine on the outside. She made us feel like an Irish fairy princess & her prince on our wedding day.

And of course a wedding wouldn’t be complete without good food & drinks. We were all treated to a wealth of culinary delights, inspired by everything from traditional Irish dishes to modern, regional twists. A bartender also delighted us with unusual, magical drinks.

Musically, we were blessed with our talented wedding musician, who, among other things, performed a specially recorded duet with me, the bride, for the groom Falk, who was moved to tears. He graced our ceremony with 5 personalized songs from various artists and genres with his calm angelic voice and his guitar. Afterwards he accompanied the champagne reception and the afternoon coffee with melodic sounds.
In the evening a DJ heated the mood on the dance floor until the early morning hours.

When the stars ultimately twinkled above us and the first rays of the morning sun almost lit up the sky again, we knew that our wedding was more than just a party. It was a celebration of love, friendship and the magic that connects us all.

Only the teamwork of great nuptial service providers, the unshakable discipline of our marriage witnesses, the generous support of our families & friends and, last but not least, our own tireless commitment made our wedding possible in these dimensions.

As we’re looking towards the future and forward to all the joint adventures that lie in front of us, we will always remember this unforgettable wedding weekend that filled us with its beauty and magic. We hope it will be cherished forever not only by us but also by our guests.
We are deeply & forever grateful for it.

the (newly) weds
Verena & Falk

The beautiful wedding trailer we received from our videographer from Hochzeitslicht:


And a few more photographic impressions from our Celtic fairytale wedding:

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