Howaye! − that’s two Berliners by choice, being full of wanderlust, who have been sharing their lives and travels since 2012: Verena & Falk.
Verena is a designer and works for a major TV broadcaster. Falk is a software engineer and programming pro.

Why Ireland?
Well, since we went on vacation to the evergreen island for the first time in 2016, we simply got the Ireland fever. So we decided to fulfill a big dream and move to Ireland in 2018. We left our secure jobs and packed our car to the brim to emigrate to Ireland − more precisely to the savage and romantic west of Ireland not far from the Atlantic Ocean. Here we found an old Irish cottage on the west coast of County Clare, from which we discovered the whole country for almost 15 months.
What an adventure!

At the same time, we started this blog and the associated Instagram account to tell our families, friends and acquaintances, but soon also other Ireland enthusiasts, about our trips.
It quickly became a passionate hobby, which we continue to pursue even after our sabbatical in Ireland.
After all, we still travel regularly to our country of longing − on the one hand to see well-known, beloved places and people again, on the other hand to experience new exciting adventures.

By our second trip to Scotland in 2021, where we got engaged in a particularly magical place, we have been addicted to this island, too. Little by little we would love to explore and report on more and more of the Scottish Highlands, the numerous surrounding islands and its historic towns.

We wish to inspire, enrich and inform other people with our travel reports and impressions. In addition, we love to network and interchange with like-minded people! We are always happy to give tips on emigration to Ireland & travel recommendations.
Our dream is to one day turn our passion for Ireland & Scotland into a career.
Become part of our exciting journey(s) too!

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