At random we went for our first major trip to the “sunny” south of Ireland. It wasn’t sunny at all though, actually it rained more or less all the time, but it was still almost winter, so we tried to make the most of it!

After more than three hours of driving, we arrived hungry in Kinsale, a lovingly spruced up touristy town on the coast. First we went to a cozy book café called “Poet’s Corner”, where you can not only enjoy a comparatively cheap lunch, but also read a bit. The reading is sorted by genre in different bookshelves and it costs only about 4€ to buy a book there. My choice was – after a spontaneous re-decision shortly before the end – a book of one of my absolute favourite authors: Cecilia Ahern (she’s Irish!) and her book “Where Rainbows End”, which is known as a movie under the name “Love, Rosie – Forever Maybe”. Since I didn’t see the film until then, I let myself be enchanted  by this exceptionally written 450-pager.

A stroll through the cute place followed, but pictures speak more than a thousand words…

Afterwards we really wanted to enjoy the nearby Charles Fort and the Scilly Walk, but the wet and cold weather put a stop to our calculations. Without paying the entrance fee for the Fort, we continued with our remaining excursion after a brief look-in. After a short stop with a view onto the Kinsale Harbor, which couldn’t show its most beautiful side because of the haze, we went further south. At the Old Head of Kinsale we wanted to visit a beautiful lighthouse, but unfortunately this had to fall into the water as well – this time not because of the weather but because the lighthouse seems to be on the territory of a private golf course, which we weren’t allowed to enter.

Our last stop for this day trip was the harbor town of Youghal, which is an 1.5 hours drive from Kinsale. It was almost deserted and many shops, including the tourist information, were closed already unfortunately. After a short stroll through the place, we got something to eat for the long journey back, which was overshadowed by travel sickness.

Conclusion: It was just our first random day trip in Ireland, but not the most successful. Despite the bad luck with the weather we liked Kinsale so much, that we’d like to come back again – also to see the Charles Fort and the Scilly Walk. Everywhere there are cute cafés and other shops, that seemed very inviting – if you have the necessary loose money. The detour to one of the southern tips of County Cork to see the lighthouse and to Youghal were unnecessary, but one is always wiser afterwards. 😉 Hopefully one or the other who reads this will benefit from our experiences!

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